Strategy Workshop: TCI Asia, Bangkok 9-12 June 2015

Transforming Communities for Inclusion, Asia, is holding a Strategy Meeting, between 9th and 12th of June, in Bangkok.

TCI Asia was formed in November of 2014, as a new association or collective of people, broadly aiming to realize Article 19 of the UNCRPD, concerning the inclusion of persons with (psychosocial) disabilities, in the Asian region.

The objectives of the upcoming meeting are:

– To share our advocacy work in the Asian region and review international developments

– To have constructive focus group discussions on questions and challenges that have confronted us in our in-country advocacy (e.g. cross disability alliance strengthening)

– To create skeletal formats of an UNCRPD compliant Mental health law

– To learn and brainstorm, how to better participate and be included in UN based advocacy, especially post 2015 agendas

– To Plan for TCI Asia Annual gathering in Korea and

– Finally, new ideas, sustainability issues and TCI Asia structure

This strategic meeting of persons with psychosocial disabilities is supported by APCD, Bangkok; IDA and OSF, and being convened by the Bapu Trust, Pune, India.

For further details, contact


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