#WhatWENeed Campaign

Full CRPD Compliance for the Inclusion of persons with psychosocial disabilities / users and survivors of psychiatry, worldwide



Partners for reframing from MH to Inclusion, this International Mental Health Week, 2018[1]

Persons with psychosocial disabilities, users and survivors of psychiatry, people with “mad” identities and other identities thereof, are herewith calling for support to have our voices amplified through this International Mental Health Week, 2018.

It is a huge development in the last years, that the Reports from Special Rapporteur (Disabilities), Reports and statements from the Special Rapporteur (Health),  the Mental Health And Human Rights Report (2018) from the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, several lessons learnt from the work of the CRPD Monitoring Committee, particularly the General Comments on Legal Capacity, Women, Living independently and most recently, Participation; and allied UN bodies have issued very strong statements supporting moves to realize all human rights of the CRPD for persons with psychosocial disabilities. This is also supported by far reaching policy changes worldwide, on enabling full CRPD compliance.

The medical model, through the “Global Mental health Movement”, is all set to blaze its trail through Low and Middle Income Countries of the world (LMICs), since the first Lancet issue in 2007, around the same time as the adoption of the CRPD.   Around the World Mental Health Week of 2018, several enabling agencies, are set to conduct the “Global MH Ministerial Summit” in London.

In a way that the cross disability movement is not used to anymore; contrary to the CRPD, of ensuring full and effective participation of persons with disabilities; and contrary to the spirit of the World Disability Summit, this summit is being designed and conducted without any transparency or participation of persons with psychosocial disabilities and users and survivors of psychiatry.  According to the website, which is sparse in information, a Lancet paper is also promised to be released at this time, which has aroused the ire of the movement of persons with psychosocial disabilities, their supporters and their allies, worldwide; but especially in the Low and Middle Income Countries, where such moves are predicted to have maximum impact.

In a deliberate response to those complex new developments worldwide, a “Bali Declaration” [Full Text of the Bali Declaration] was issued by TCI Asia Pacific in August, 2018, affirming once again a call to CRPD commitment and reframing mental health in the direction of Inclusion.

The “North driving the South” phenomenon has evoked strong counter response from TCI AP and allied organizations (from Africa and Latin America); especially when we know by now, that the western model of psychiatry, based on colonial practices of isolation, and coercion; and offering little more than medication, is a failure. The Declaration, in expressing alarm at the import of models and the impending violations in human rights, needs more universal visibility and advocacy, in all parts of the world.

Further, the World Mental Health Week is considered by TCI AP to be, most appropriately, the space to occupy by users and survivors of psychiatry, persons with psychosocial disabilities, “mad” people and those with other identities thereof.

TCI AP is concerned that, the GMH movement seems to be aiming for world eminence in setting the lowest standard of the CRPD.  It is unusual for a professional group to continually contest and take down international standards by several notches, as they have been doing in the last decade, by setting a counter strain of CRPD interpretation, especially on Articles 12, 14 and 19.  It is curious how a particular group of medical professionals can overwrite  CRPD monitoring committee; CRPD interpretations emerging from courts; as well as ratifications and commitments made worldwide by member states.

Instead of engaging in constructive actions of community development, our movement is thus having to create new and continuing critical messaging, and advocacy with member states, reiterating our advocacy for full CRPD compliance  and our right to live in the community.

TCI AP has been decisive in the last 2 years to shift the focus on advocacy away from solely challenging violations of rights, especially within mental health systems, to promote a set of policies of practices that have inclusion across policies and services, in line with article 19, as core principle, process and outcomes.

Join us to collectively, across regions and boundaries, to express our concerns at,

#WhatWENeed:  We need Full CRPD Compliance!!


Find us on Twitter at  #WhatWENeed

Find us on FaceBook at TCI AsiaPacific

The Campaign is open from 1st October – 30th November 2018

Contact at   tciasia.secretariat@gmail.com


[1]  TCI Asia Pacific has been an organized DPO of persons with psychosocial disabilities since 2014, but was started in the context of the CRPD, mobilizing since 2012 in the Asia Pacific region.



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