CBM invitation to participate in a Survey

TCI Asia members may be interested in the news kindly shared by Aleisha Carroll of CBM, who says,

“Please find in below email a link to an online survey that you might like to forward to your networks.

The online survey is seeking perspectives from:

–  individuals with disabilities

– DPOs / disability specific organizations

– mainstream humanitarian stakeholders”

Subject: World Humanitarian Summit

Quick updates on the side of the advocacy for inclusive emergency response and the upcoming World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) of 2016.

We have now started discussion with the Secretariat of the WHS both in NY and Geneva and have moved into cooperation between a number of stakeholders with a sharing responsibility and tasks. The partners in this effort, include Handicap International (HI), IDDC, International Disability Alliance (IDA), OHCHR, Unicef and others.

You may know already that national, regional and thematic consultations are ongoing since several months already and some of you have been invited for contribution. Those consultations will define recommendation that will be used to write the UN Secretary General report due to be issued in December 2015. A global consultation will be held in Geneva in October 2015 closing the consultation process.

In order to influence the recommendations and to ensure they are inclusive of disability a number of activities will be defined up to end of July:

  1. Online survey aims at having perspectives of 3 different groups, individuals with disabilities, disabled persons organisations and mainstream humanitarian stakeholders. It is very important that we go a significant number of responses however we should make sure that persons with disability respond to the survey too. Please disseminate the link widely in your networks, with partners, etc.  Link to the survey:
  2. http://www.worldhumanitariansummit.org/fr/whs_disability

The consultation is open until June 15th, and the results will be compiled in a report to feed in the SG report.

 3 webinars on disability and humanitarian response

In May and June 2 webinars will be organized as a thematic consultation on disability issues. Those webinar will be (hopefully) accessible to all and anyone could attend it. I’ll provide you further info when dates, time and speakers are set.

Side events at the State Party conference in June

  1. Publication of a CBM policy brief


Valerie Scherrer
Director • CBM Emergency Response Unit

Phone: +32(0) • Mobile: +32(0)470.99.05.82
Email: valerie.scherrer@cbm.org • Website: www.cbm.org
CBM is an international Christian development organisation,
committed to improving the quality of life of people with
disabilities in low income regions of the world


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