Online survey on ‘Good practices on the Inclusion of persons with psychosocial disabilities’

The Bapu Trust

in collaboration with TCI-Asia is compiling a Survey Report on

‘Good practices on the Inclusion of persons with psychosocial disabilities’


covering the Asian region. The report will cover the present status of Inclusion of people with psycho-social disabilities; and  good practices that will facilitate full and effective participation and inclusion in communities. The report will also provide some case studies of programs and actions found in the region that facilitates  inclusion.

The survey invites your views on Good Practices on the Inclusion of persons living with (or who have experienced) mental health problems/psycho-social disability. Your participation in this study is crucial to understanding the evolving state of inclusion of persons with psycho-social disabilities: What facilitates their full and effective participation in families and communities?

The survey is an online Google survey. The form is in English, and will take about 45 minutes to fill (not including any translation time that may be involved.)

A big motivation for this study is to find out, what means “Reasonable Accommodation” (RA) for persons with psycho-social disabilities. In the disability movement, implementing RA is considered as key for full and effective participation. For example, people with lower body mobility impairment require a wheelchair to move about; That wheelchair needs to be comfortable and made to the size that will fit the person. People assisting with the wheelchair have to support in a way that will ensure safety, comfort and accessibility of the person. In a similar way, what is RA for persons with psycho-social disabilities?

We hope you and your organization / fellow peers and self advocates will participate in the survey. Do send us an email at

with expression of your interest in participation.

The survey is also open to family members and service providers. We invite you to share news about this in your circles so that more and more people with disabilities and support persons / organizations can actively participate.

Thank you!


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