International Critical Psychiatry Network – Useful Resources

“The International Critical Psychiatry Network (ICPN) is a meeting place and forum for those interested in critical thinking and alternative approaches to psychiatry. Concerns about the independence of some who advocate certain medical approaches, and expressions of dissatisfaction from some service users have stimulated critical academic and practitioner communities in several part of the world”.

This Network involving some really senior doctors and professionals advocating change, offers a whole lot of reading resources.

Found here:

Recent posts have included critiques of Global Mental Health and the over-medicalization of human suffering and globalizing ‘mental illness’.

Those discussions led to making a critical statement on globalizing mental illness, to the UK All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) which advises the UK Government. Found here:

Click to access Statement-APPGFinal.pdf

And for those of us very interested in advocacy around ‘alternatives’, please find another statement here:

Click to access APPG2.pdf


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