Logistics for the II Regional Conference on Inclusion of persons with psychosocial disabilities

Logistics for the II Regional Conference on Inclusion of Persons with
Psycho-social disabilities,
Hotel Prince Palace,
4-7 November, Bangkok.

Temperatures in Bangkok for the week of 2-9 November is between 24-30 degrees centigrade with predicted light to heavy showers.

Venue for stay and conferencing:

Hotel Prince Palace Bangkok

488/800 BoBae Tower Damrongrak Road, Klong Mahanak, Pomprab, Bangkok 10100, Thailand
Tel. (662) 628-1111

Visit the website for news about where we will be staying, facilities and services available.

The Conference package includes:

– Airport PickUp and Drop
– Stay at the Hotel Prince Palace on twin share basis from 3rd November till the 8th November
– Breakfast, Lunch and tea (twice)
– Conferencing facilities

Please note that phone calls, photocopying and printing, refreshments and snacks, laundry and other services that you may want to use at the Hotel will be your cost.

Airport Pickup

Participants from most countries are arriving in groups. Whether arriving singly or in groups, we will co-ordinate with HPP for your safe pick up. Hotel Prince Palace is very conveniently and centrally located, and maybe a landmark in the city.

Registration: 6 P.M. HPP outside Training Hall (which hall will be soon communicated)

Submission of travel forms and other: Soon, we will share a form to be submitted for making reimbursement claims. To enable easy payouts, we request

– Keep all your boarding passes, train tickets, taxi fare receipts, etc.
– If you are taking an intercity train to nearest international airport, keep all receipts
– Keep visa receipts that you will receive from the Embassy, if you needed to buy a visa

For the few of you who made your own travel bookings, please share your ticket and invoice with us by email for better and easy co-ordination in Bangkok.

3rd Evening Informals

Most of the participants, excepting 2, will be arriving into the Hotel by the afternoon of the 3rd. We meet in the evening at 6.30 PM till 8.00 PM for introductions and getting to know each other, followed by Dinner.

Start and Finish time for sessions: On 4th November, 9.30 A.M., thereon, SHARP 9 A.M. We finish by 5.30 P.M.

After an hour’s break, we will have pre-dinner sessions, or specific theme meetings and also, everyday feedback with facilitators, and we can hope to get off our planned works by dinner time.

Most participants leave by 7th evening, and we hope to finish all works, closures and goodbyes by 4 PM latest.

The afternoon of the 7th, post-Lunch, is only for persons with psychosocial disabilities, to set next works and agendas for the region.

Dinner: We will be paying every participant a Per Diem for cost of incidentals incurred travelling and during the conference, which will be sufficient to cover your Dinner expenses while in Bangkok also. You may choose to eat at HPP, or visit nearby restaurants and eateries, which are aplenty.

Please bring whatever will keep you feeling safe and comfortable in a new city, and don’t forget anything critical to your good health and well being.

All for now. And watch this space for news about logistics.

Enjoy your stay in Bangkok and we look forward to the exciting works ahead.


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