Inclusion in Development

The UNESCAP has been working on what some of us may know, as the Incheon Strategy. There has also been emphasis by UNESCAP on dedicating Decades to people with disabilities. We at the Bapu Trust had the privilege of being nominated as a Working Group Member to the IS-Decade of persons with Disabilities (2013-2022) by the World Network of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry. The UNESCAP has created a Road map to implement Sustainable Development Goals linked to the post 2015 Development agenda. The IS Working Group which met in Korea, early this year, made up of UNESCAP and a variety of cross disability NGOs working in the region, were happy to see Disability included in the SDGs. Read on….

Proposed Goal 1: End poverty in all its forms everywhere: Target 1.4. by
2030 achieve equal access to productive employment and decent work for
all, including the poor, persons with disabilities, and other people in
vulnerable situations, as well as women and young people
Proposed Goal 4. Provide equitable and inclusive quality education and
life-long learning opportunities for all: Target 4.6. by 2030 ensure
that people in vulnerable situations and marginalized people including
persons with disabilities and indigenous peoples have access to
inclusive education, skills development and vocational training aligned
with labour market needs;
Proposed Goal 8. Promote strong, inclusive and sustainable economic
growth and decent work for all: Target 8.3. by 2030 achieve full and
productive employment and decent work for all women and men, including
for young people and persons with disabilities;
Proposed Goal 10: Reduce inequality within and among countries: Target
10.5. empower and promote the social and economic inclusion of the pool,
the marginalized and people in vulnerable situations, including
indigenous peoples, women, minorities, migrants, persons with
disabilities, older persons, children and youth;
Proposed Goal 11: Build inclusive, safe and sustainable cities and human
settlements: Target 11.8. by 2030 ensure that all cities are accessible
and offer opportunities to persons with disabilities


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